Orchestra *plus project






- It is essential to develop the skills you need to play complex orchestra pieces with understanding

- It helps you to develop the link between the technical and intuitive sides of music.

- You can improve your ability to imagine the sound when seeing written music, by skills such as sight reading and sight singing.

You can develop your ability to hear and visualize the detail while listening to music, for example, listening to music and being aware of the things that make music work.

Orchestra plus* will make it easier for students to play in our orchestra by reinforcing their skills, helping them to communicate effectively and it will also help them develop as soloists.

What do we do?
We improve your music skills to help you participate in our orchestra
We work in groups and individually on orchestra pieces:

Analyzing pieces, understanding form, structure, dynamic and technical problems

- Introduction to periods and styles

- We develop your sight reading

- We do various aural exercises

- Reinforcement of rhythm reading

- Ensemble playing practice

Focus group: mostly pupils from S1-S3; also new orchestra pupils and pupils who would like to join the orchestra soon, including musicians still in primary; older pupils already playing in the orchestra who would like to improve their skills

Teacher: Agnieszka Zywert. Since 2014 piano player and musical assistant of the EEB1 symphony orchestra, concert pianist, master degree with distinction in piano performance in Music University in Lodz, Poland. Chamber Music Master degree with distinction in Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels. Diploma in Pedagogy. Soloist and chamber musician in Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Italy, France, Poland and Portugal. Cooperatation with students of Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel and students of Royal Conservatory in Brussels.

orchestra plus* will take place on Friday, from 14.00 till 15.30h